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Sweet, Sweet Soca Music of Trinidad and Tobago

By Jossane Kerrice Felix Photographs courtesy of Maria Nunes Jossane Felix photograph courtesy of Colin Castillo and Andy Greene One of the many beautiful destinations serviced by Bahamasair seasonally, visit to book your travel to Trinidad and Tobago. Masterfully designed and invented in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the indigenous sound…
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Bahamian Fashion Icons: The Genius of Theodore Elyett and Phylicia Ellis

By Kendea Smith Phylicia Ellis photographs courtesy of Stanley Babb and Leo Creary Theodore Elyett photographs courtesy of Stanley Babb, Marcus Owens and Melissa Elencia Theodore Elyett and Phylicia Ellis are two of the most renowned fashion designers in The Bahamas. Both designers specialize in evening and bridal gowns and have showcased their immense talent…
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Wendi & Dyson Knight

For this April-June 2020 issue of Up and Away, Caprice Spencer-Dames caught up with the Bahamian Knight duo—Wendi and Dyson—for an in-depth conversation about balancing family life, entertaining, recording, touring and socializing. Sit back, relax and enjoy her conversation with both of them. Wendi Knight Ladies first—Wendi, tell us a little bit about you. Where…
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