Bahama Pearl @ LPIA

If you’re an avid traveler, you know that there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to locate that last-minute gift or forgotten “something” while at the airport. Fortunately, if your travel plans take you through Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) in Nassau, you’re almost certain to find everything you need with the help of a local retail partner—Bahama Pearl.


Bahama Pearl is a local novelty and convenience store that holds true to its name of being a “pearl”. It’s a rare retail find that offers its customers almost everything under the sun. From an array of local treasures to sundries and even the proverbial “needle in a hay-stack”, Bahama Pearl has it all.


What’s most amazing is that long before LPIA got its name, Bahama Pearl had made it its home, providing millions of annual airline travelers with the comfort and convenience of specialty and novelty items. Then owner, Althea Brown, was among the first to introduce the indigenous Bahamian straw work and artistic finds to airport customers. She coupled it with that ever so charming dose of customer service and the ability to select just the right inventory of products that not only met, but, exceeded her patrons’ expectations.


Fast forward 46-plus years—Bahama Pearl has grown from a tiny store that was affectionally called “Hole in the Wall” to having three full locations at the airport. The shops are now run by Brown’s daughters Shantell Brown, Verdel Brown and Velma Brown. Despite the growth, its new modern touches and vast selection of items, it manages to maintain its niche as a retail store that is still the one-stop-shop for gift-givers, last-minute shoppers and the “I just had to get it” traveler.


“Our parents have worked incredibly hard to maintain this business and the livelihood of our family is tied to us running a successful operation,’’ stated Shantell Brown. “We are more than just a store; we try to deliver an experience to travelers by presenting them with what they need, when they need it. We take extra care with selecting what we sell and almost every item represents years of knowledge of our customers’ needs and purchasing patterns.”


When asked about their plans for the future of the store, she remarked, “We’ve come a long way and as our parents were diligent about passing the legacy on to us, we want to be in the position to do the same for our children—hence our commitment to differentiate ourselves with our products and customer service.”


So, as you travel through the airport and you’re frantic because you may have left something at home, don’t worry­—there’s no need to panic. Simply browse through the aisles of Bahama Pearl and you can locate everything you need.


When you’re all done at Bahama Pearl, there are still lots to do at the retail concourses which feature a wide range of amenities including restaurants and boutique stores that offer an array of items and local treasures. The best part is that each store or restaurant is no more than a three-minute walk away. So don’t just spend time sitting and waiting for your flight. Indulge and explore all that LPIA has to offer! Go on a treasure hunt for the perfect souvenir, a gift for the in-laws or a stuffed pig for the kid next door.


Don’t just sit there. Get up and do more at LPIA.


Your travel is our pleasure.

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