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Capt. L. Roscoe Dames

Capt. L. Roscoe Dames II, JP a consummate multi-media professional. Born in Nassau, Bahamas, Dames spent the past 30 years building professional and personal relationships that have created new opportunities, forged new businesses, restructured floundering enterprises and laid the groundwork for making it happen.  He proudly leads the team of professionals at Ivory Global Management Ltd., publishers of the Up and Away inFlight Magazine.


Administrator – Calista Spencer-Dames
Editorial Review – Yvette Johnson
Copy Editor – Rayne Morgan
Art Director – Lourdes Guerra
Bahamas | USA Sales – Ivory Global Management Ltd
Turks and Caicos Sales – David Newlands
Bahamasair Content – Stephen Gay


Bahamasair was established in 1973 as a product of a newly Independent Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The mandate was to provide a safe and reliable mode of air transportation throughout the archipelagic nation and internationally. The National Flag carrier purpose was to provide an ‘Essential Service’ bridging Nassau, the nation’s capital and the remote Family of Islands.

Just as Bahamasair provides an ‘Essential Service’ the Up & Away inFlight Magazine brings your message to approximately 1 million travelers each year who are seeking to be entertained and informed of the exciting opportunities in our many destinations.